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Individual photography training tailored to your requirements

Individual photography training tailored to your requirements

You have a camera in your pocket –  honestly, everyone has! With a little bit of technical knowledge, you can even take better with your camera phone!
Most cameras, no matter how small or large they are these days, have a huge potential to control the picture, focus and depth of field. A little bit of knowledge goes a long way!

After attending a basic course you will understand how to use the controls on your camera. The relationship between shutter, aperture and sensitivity to light, how to better compose your images and use light.  I always include the theory, practical shoots and essential post-production techniques to give you a great image!
The courses are based in Buckinghamshire and held at individual dates to suit.

Intermediate and advanced courses are also available. With these courses, i provide an experienced model to work with and really get your portfolio going.

£350 for a day’s course 10 am – 16.00 pm

Wish to have your images processed by a professional? or how about a short course to improve your current edit style? £45 an hour. 

Why not contact me below for more details of upcoming courses or to see how I can help you. 

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